Urban Sketchers Spain. El mundo dibujo a dibujo.: La Casa Maragato de Busdongo

Enjoy These Cityscapes In The Form Of Urban Sketches: 40 Beautiful Locations - Bored Art

귀여운 일본 건축 일러스트 - barkatrealart | Vingle | 순수 예술, 일러스트레이션

The third illustration from my “Tokyo Storefronts” watercolour series is done! This one is somewhat special because I already painted this building once before about 3 year ago. It is an old hair salon located really close to the place I lived when I

“Du musst Deinen Zeichnungen mehr Leben einhauchen” – genau so laberte mich meine Kunstlehrerin immer voll. “Chill mal…” dachte ich mir immer. Gut, ich bin kein Künstler geworden, war aber eh nie mein Ziel. Dafür gibt es andere, die das besser können als ich wie z.B. Hugo Amaral. Der Typ haucht echt Leben in seine [...]

Take a look at this amazing Creative Drawings Illusion Collection illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

great gesture drawing idea - I'd love to be able to draw something in scribble lines that suggest a drawing. This is awesome!  #gesture drawing #drawing

self portrait: good portfolio development to draw in this style from primary source images. Can do layers of continuous line drawings in different pens, coloured pencils. No more that 5 min per drawing

Paul Heaston

Moleskine location sketch - Paul Heaston :: love the perspective and creative built-in title location

Treehouse in 2-Point Perspective

Treehouse in 2-Point Perspective (Julia Sanderl)

The final project for Kapaa Middle School Art students this year was to fold and decorate a large portfolio to carry a year’s worth of Artwork home safely. With only a few school days left, I decided


Previous pinner said: "Moleskin art. I think I recognize this as the art of Mattias Adolfsson, but I could be totally wrong. Still, if you don't know who Mattias Adolfsson is, you should definitely look him up ^_^"

Getting the elephants upstairs  Architecture by Mattias Adolfsson

Illustration / Getting the elephants upstairs Architecture by Mattias Adolfsson

Royal Mile garret, super-deformed style.

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