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  • Cindy McCartney

    I Miss YOU!!! I'm sorry baby...I can't help it!!!! I sit here thinking about you & just want to be with you so bad!!!!!!! I Do Love YOU!!! My heart aches for YOU!!!!!! Just saw a commercial about lush, thick hair & thought about your beautiful hair!!! It is the most exquisite hair ever Baby!!! I love feeling it, smelling it & getting lost in it!! I just want to have U in my arms!!!***

  • Michelle Vandermeer

    Truth is, I miss you.

  • Jody Sutton-Torres

    Such a great quote and so true.

  • Dominique Tanner

    As if I need a reminder that ILOVEYOU lol

  • Chelsea Osowetski

    i miss you quotes for him | for him 7 i love you quotes for him 8

  • Lilla

    I miss you so so much!! My heart is reminding me all the time!!!! I love you!

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The balloons that were released at your celebration of life were yellow, but this reminds me of you. I miss you every day.

this is officially my favorite quote ever. thank you jackie. sooooo very true. some of her happiest moments r seeing or telling us to kiss n hug....n she loves pretending she is getting married and pretending to be me n marrying chappie lol. and i never saw a kid get soooo excited over a wedding anniversary.. she made us ice cream sundaes on her

♥ I don't know if it's true or not. I DO know I don't care; Immo believe it is.

The kids and I are without heat and Jr. says Doug would have us warm by now. The kids and I miss you darling RIP.

I miss you always (it's SOOOOO nice to be told once in a while ... )

missing you terribly.... ..sweetheart,,,... your so special ... my special special girl.. I will never forget you... you will always be in my heart

So true. @plumcrazyyy @3petitecupcakes @2LiLGents @yourmomspanties @caseface82

Missing You - Every piece is important I miss my son so very much, I wish he were here with the family that has always been there for him. I can only hope for the best for him in the adventure he has chosen for himself.