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    • LaTasha Austin

      Weight loss jars: track pounds to lose and pounds lost with glass marbles. Great visual inspiration.

    • Sara Martin

      Good motivation idea. Keeps things in perspective. Every meal counts . Have two glass jars with the number of marbles equal to the pounds you want to lose. And transfer them over to the pounds lost jar when you shed the weight.

    • Terri English

      Love this idea! Visual Motivation. - Click image to find more Health & Fitness Pinterest pins

    • Janien Crampton

      I spend a lot of time on the internet and subsequently I see a lot of great ideas. I can't remember where I was at but I recently saw a really cool idea for tracking weight loss.....motivation jars! You just mark one with "Pounds to go" and another "Pounds lost" and you use some kind of counters to track your progress. For instance, if I want to lose 40 pounds, I would put 40 marbles into the "Pounds to go" jar. As I lose each pound, I would transfer a marble over to the "Pounds lost" jar.

    • Samantha Radefeld

      Such a good idea! Pounds Lost / Pound to go - Visual Motivation

    • Connie Liggett

      visual motivation -- very cool idea! Might have to try this!

    • Jennifer Becker

      Love this idea! Visual Motivation. Really good idea!!!!

    • Katie Rose

      such a cute idea!! post baby weight loss idea

    • Tracy Fafel

      Visual Motivation. Cute idea..

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