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Assessments in music class are quick and painless with clothespin activities…

Clip It Clothespin Activities for Music Class

1st Grade Rhythm from Words Easter

Rhythm Game for Easter

Tips and Tricks for using Workstations or Centers in Your Elementary Music Class…

Music Workstations: What Can You Do at a Workstation?

Lap Packs are inexpensive ways to get students writing in music class.  Customize them to include exactly what your music students need.  This article has some great ideas for their use and FREE downloads!

Lap Packs - How to Use Them and Why You'll Want To

This set includes 10 assessments for 5th grade music students and one cumulative assessment to use as a pre or post-assessment!

Elementary Music Assessments {5th Grade Music Assessments}

This contains 10 elementary music assessments for grade music students! It comes with one cumulative assessment that covers all of the concepts assessed throughout the year and can be used before or after a lesson as a fun pre or post-assessment!

The Sweetest Melody: The Turkey Dance

The Turkey Dance - Thanksgiving activity for upper elementary music students Could play like duck duck grey duck in Kindergarten

Music Rubrics-Perfect for quickly and informally assessing students in the music room. Comes with 12 different assessments!

Music Rubrics (Quick Music Assessments)

Music Rubrics-These are great for informally assessing student understanding in the music room. Could use several of these during centers or as students sing and play games.

Centers: Fly Swat | Elementary Music Resources

At the Fly Swat center, one student claps the rhythm from the wings of one of the flies. The other two students try to find the correct fly - the first one to swat it gets a point

Franklin Music: Centers don't break the ice game with rhythms

A black marker and a few other game changes and you can customize a game of "Don't Break the Ice" with a musical twist