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by Natalya Lobanova

happy 2 b sad / Natalya Lobanova

happy2bsad - Natalya Lobanova

happy2bsad - Natalya Lobanova

as usual

as usual

I found this one beautiful as well. Empty Plate by Caitlyn Siehl

A love letter for anorexics, I think. It's poignantly beautiful, that's what it is— Empty Plate by Caitlyn Siehl

OMG yes!

Did I actually save? Better save 11 more times to be sure.

Because your lack of artistic talent is staggering so the pictures in your head come out looking like a 2 year old drew them. Worse, actually.

Like trying to draw my CoD OC and ending up making Link and Zelda.

AGGGGGGGH!!!!! NEVER buy cheap paint brushes!!! Spend the money & get the good ones! You will never be sorry!

I know how it feels.I used to buy it earlier,but now I am really particular for my brushes

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Funny pictures about Twilight Drinking Game. Oh, and cool pics about Twilight Drinking Game. Also, Twilight Drinking Game.


"Nobody said it was easy. It's such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard. Oh, take me back to the start." -The Scientist By: Coldplay

Oh my gosh! So true! And Emily Osment but no one remembers her.

Teenager Posts, although Raven Simone is still ok!