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dedicated to animals and the cessation of suffering worldwide. (I've been having issues with my phone and tumblr itself recently so if I go AWOL feel free to follow me on twitter and/or Instagram @killypier and shoot me a dm so I know who you are!)

Forget what my tattoos are going to look like on me in 60 years. Start worrying about what that fatty decaying animal flesh is going to look like on you.

just goes to show what America has come to. They care more about junk food than a endangered species in which God thought was important enough to put on this earth.

Out of 4500 different mammals on the planet, why do humans believe they should drink another species milk? Cows milk is specifically for baby calves to grow 500 - 600 pounds in 6 - 9 months.

haha! bloody idiots who just use the excuse 'because we used too' we used to use humans as slaves also. Meat eaters have no real reasons, only make excuses as seeing a vegan is a reflection of themselves because they know its horrid to eat animals!

An awesome way to live knowing that at least 3 times a day you make a loving choice by being vegan