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Kids will love making this indoor camping lantern! So fun!

I love going camping with my kids during the summer but sometimes it is just TOO hot out. This is why my kids love camping indoors, especially when they have fun indoor camping lanterns.

Fun glow stick lantern for outside sleepovers

Make a creepy, glowing light for your yard or a party

diy fun with glow sticks lanterns. Break glow stick to activate, then cut open glow stick and carefully and gentle empty content into jar filled with water and stir Gently!

Smores food-dessert-sweets

s'mores bar - perfect fun at the fire pit! I just need a fire pit.oh and a backyard.

Water canteens for each camper along with a bandanna filled with goodies such as flash lights, watermelon pops, glow sticks and badges

Camping (indoors) Birthday Party Ideas

Glow Stick Bowling

GLOW IN THE DARK BOWLING. This is super easy and a lot of fun. Simply fill ten 2 liter bottles up with water. Put the glow sticks inside the bottles of water. Glow-in-the-dark pins. Or a fun sleep over idea!