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    Erotic Composite of an Elephant, Attributed to Chokha, Indian,Rajasthan, Devgarh c1800

    Elia Alba (b. 1962) : "I literally photographed my body and enlarged or shrunk some of those images. Applied to fabric, the images were further manipulated to create a three-dimensional collage." (Elia Alba)



    My embarrassing picture went viral

    © Jean-Michel Clajot | Africa | Tribal scarification is used as a form of initiation into adulthood, beauty and a sign of a village, tribe, and clan | Natitingou, Benin | 2006

    Woman taking Off Pants 5 by Julian Opie

    Leonid Brezhnev on the phone in his underwear

    Man Ray - Retour a la raison, 1991

    Vadim Stein

    Lover's Eyes: hand-painted portraits on ivory which were popular in England between the 1780s and 1830s. usually a literal portrait of a lover's eye, could be worn while keeping your lover's identity secret. the "single eye also symbolized the watchful gaze of a jealous partner, who feared that his or her lover might stray."

    'Yoga' Sculpture by Katie Grinnan

    Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol, 1969



    Marina Abramovic & Ulay. Imponderabilia NL (1977).

    time knots

    Body Measurements by Henry Dreyfuss Associates. MIT Press, 1974.

    Swallowed Toy, London Royal Hospital Archive

    The Wrestlers by George Luks, 1905

    Plaster casts of the hands of NASA astronauts, taken in order to custom-fit their space suits. Houston, TX, 1968

    Max Ernst

    X-rays of women in corsets

    "Atomic Man" by Daniel Martin Diaz