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V and Co. Heart Plates from Walmart $1.

Plastic army men hot glued on top of empty play dough containers then sprayed gold. Created stickers for front. Each kid that attends party will get a trophy as they complete obstacle course at birthday party.

DIY toy grocery store for around $10! 5 dollar tree bins hot glued together, foam board top trimmed to fit and hot glued, cash register on sale at Walgreens ($5), a hook, and some craft bags! We already had the plastic food.

In the process of making this! Bought lamp from goodwill, spray painted it and a bunch of toys with Krylon in Watermelon (use primer first!! That was a big oops). Then glue gunning toys to lamp. Still pondering what to do with the shade. Its a really fun project, but beware - toys are pricey!

Nerf & Targets Party : Nerf Ammo Box : Lunchbox with dividers hot-glued in place. Holds a lot of darts to easily carry, and to protect them from being dented!

Toy dogs glued to blocks of wood and spray painted = diy pottery barn

DIY Plastic Animal Mounted Art... The right idea but not there yet!

Genius! Plastic toys with twigs glued on heads as antlers, spray paint white and dab some red paid or red glitter on the nose!

What to do with old toys that are dear! Would be great with happy meal toys lying around...

Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box..so smart!

Doll house made from hot glued cardboard boxes. *love