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Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee

OMG, one of THE cutest things I've ever seen!

The more time you spend with animals, the more you realize that many things, even subtle things, which you think are human - are the same for all animals. #wild #animals

TreeHuggerfrom TreeHugger

11 critically endangered turtle species

The Galápagos tortoise or Galápagos giant tortoise is the largest living species of tortoise and the 13th-heaviest living reptile. With life spans in the wild of over 100 years, it is one of the longest-lived vertebrates. A captive individual lived at least 170 years. It is native to seven of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. by Arthur Morris

Even though River Otters are not listed as Endangered species, their range has been greatly reduced over the years by habitat destruction and they are vulnerable to pollution and toxins in the environment.

National Geographic Society (blogs)from National Geographic Society (blogs)

How We’re Endangering Animals [Infographic]

Infographic - how we're endangering animals.