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" A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." So True! I learned to sail at camp my first afternoon out - it started to storm. Horrid few hours, but I was the best sailor at camp after that.

Rumi Quote - Minimalist Illustration

Rumi Minimalist Poster Quote

Inspiring Famous Quotes Illustrated With Minimalistic Posters "Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

So true. Leadership isn't about telling your staff how late you worked or who you know

Leen Roelandts on

Talking with "Managers" versus "Leaders"

Thank God.

Even the Darkest Night Will End and the Sun Will Rise, 8x10 Print (burlap) BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." (the light always replaces the dark) -Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Life Advice from 50 Beloved Characters in Kids' Entertainment

50 Inspiring Life Quotes From Famous Childhood Characters: Winnie, the Pooh, Cookie Monster :)

Try me...

When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "Why me", say "Try me". Motivational quotes motivation quotes done

Worrying leads nowhere

Funny pictures about Worrying is like a rocking chair. Oh, and cool pics about Worrying is like a rocking chair. Also, Worrying is like a rocking chair.

Life's too short. Let it go!

Let it go. Always good advice. Everyday I find things I need to let go on - hurt feelings, resentments, pains, sadness. Why do we want to hang on, when it is just so easy to open our hands - open our minds - and just let it go.


Not just a New Years resolution: Live your life to the fullest! This is your life, do what you love, and do it often. Start doing things you love. Life is simple. Live your dream and share your passion. This is your Life Manifesto Print.

Learn to shrug off the insults of the world. Just be you and live your own dream. Pursue your own passions.  Repinned by www.loisjoyhofmann.com

Be soft - Kurt Vonnegut. I need to remember this. Becoming hard inside is not a good thing and the world can be a good place.