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    This is too funny not to repin


    HAHAHAHAHA OHHHH the irony :)


    all for launching the enjolrassing trend say AYE


    To die of love is to live by it - Victor Hugo

    - Éponine, Les Misérables

    Toulon Prison – where Jean Valjean was held

    Victor Hugo passed through Montreuil-sur-Mer in 1837 and was so impressed by it he decided to use it as the setting for “Les Miserables”

    Interrupting Javert - these just keep getting better!

    So this picture was posted and then the following awesome responses: - Bring him foam - “hi, I’d like a Javert Chip Frappuccino” - Drink with me - Lovely Lattes waiting on the bar - Scones, in your multitudes. - Monsieur Barista, you come from God, you are saint. - Order in the beans, make cafe-au-lait, serve them up some coffee when they can’t see straight!


    Les Miserables

    ill have you know i watched les miserables and i only cried - Tough Spongebob

    eponine after disney.

    Javert, Master of Disguise.



    I'm dying...from laughter...

    hipster les miserable LOLOLOL these are hilarious

    No but I'm obsessed. i'm defiantly beyond obbssesed. Admitting the issue is the first step.