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Witches' Brew Cupcakes

Witches' Brew Cupcakes, Bubbly Green Witches' Brew Cupcakes perfect for Halloween!

from Food Curation

Magical Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes

These light and fluffy Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes will cast a spell on your taste buds and you'll love them. Check out!

from Blue Sheep Bake Shop

Cute Monster Halloween Cake

orange monster halloween cake


A Hungry Frog-Shaped Melon Bowl Dessert

♥ A Hungry Frog Shaped Melon Bowl Dessert ♥

from Martha Stewart

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

These Were My Favorite Thing To Buy At The Grade School Bake Sale! Haven't Seen Them In Years!

Lots of monster cupcake recipes for Halloween or a birthday party.