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White Strawberry Sangria

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Mimosas Take morning mimosas from basic to beautiful with our simple (and fruity!) surprise: homemade strawberry ice cubes. Pop a few sliced berries into an ice cube tray along with your choice of grape juice or water, then garnish and sip away.

Tequila Strawberry Lemonade 3 pints fresh strawberries 1/2 cup strawberry jam ½ cup sugar 15 lemons (about 5 cups lemon juice) ¼ cup Grand Marnier 1 ½ cups Tequila Halve the strawberries and cover with the sugar, jam and juice of one lemon. Let sit overnight. Next day, pour the strawberry mixture into a blender until pureed. Add 3 cups of the lemon juice and mix again. Taste to assure the sweetness is to your liking. Add booze and you're good to go!

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