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    I married Ron because I'm totally awesome. :D

    Harry Potter Birthday Scenario Game! I got "Today I used the cruciatus curse with Hermione Granger because were just that cool" And since 4 is missing I'll make a 4. 4 will be Creature!

    Fred and George :-D

    Lupin, Fluffy, and Goyal are my Harry Potter Zombie Apocalypse Team

    Shit. I'm Ginny.


    Also Harry doesn't have his glasses on.<<< and Bellatrix is smiling... Non evily

    I mean it's a little sub-par for him, but he's alive!!!! Someone should tell Harry! Maybe Voldemort didn't use a killing cures, it was a memory charm for James.

    I'm in the great hall under an invisibility cloak with Harry and I swear I'm up to no good.

    I will never hate Snape but this is a serious (no pun intended) issue. Sirius is my favorite character

    "It takes a hero to break a promise" SO SAD

    This kind of explains a lot, I'd wondered after Slughorn had said 'splitting the soul in two' how that made sense when he did it 7 times

    There are villains... For me personally, I hated Bellatrix too. Not nearly as my as I hated Umbridge, though. Same goes for Voldemort.

    Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge- Yeah I'm doing this one too

    This would be awesome!!! Alan Rickman's voice as your GPS!

    Harry Potter humor. JOKE LOL

    Harry potter funny!


    I never realized.

    This is the great wizard. Who is destined to fight Voldemort and save the world. Who stood up to Umbridge with all he had. And he is freakin terrified and cowers before the powers of Hermione. You DON'T mess with Hermione

    Ron and Hermione. Hahahaha. "Yet..." That's awesome.