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Hahahahahaha Hot damn, you smokin ;) Suzie Moyer Bissonnette "ride" and Jannike Korneliussen Korneliussen Caspari I love your shirt! You two would sooo do this, especially you Kid, we all know how much you like to "ride" ;) hahah

because we have two sides

Energy Vibrations of Zodiac Signs. (As a Cancer with Aquarius as my rising sign all I have to say is.......crap, figures I get the maelstrom. It doesn't help I have my moon sign in Libra)

Being a Leo in a relationship

Very true as I cannot stand finding out someone was not how they presented themselves i.e fake or two-faced. #leo

I've always said, I'm great at helping others and giving great advice, but I really need to listen to myself and take my own advice, lol

Zodiac Society X-Low Compatibility XX-Medium Compatibility XXX -High Compatibility

while they do enjoy a little bit of chaos and love to seek out excitement, they generally do not like a whole lot of change. stability and status quo suites them fine. they prefer to stick to things and get them done

I am an over the top learner! I want to know everything! :) Especially what boys know ( Like cars)