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  • Lueur de Hache

    "Kids, in the summer of 2012, your aunt Robin decided to join the Avengers" - Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, How I Met Your Mother-style

  • WELL, in THIS House

    Kids, in the summer of 2012, your Aunt Robin decided to join The Avengers. (How I Met Your Mother)

  • Sara Nelson

    Hahaah The Avengers movie was awesome and How I Met Your Mother is great!!!!!

  • Beth Tourek

    Nothing better than a crossover meme from Marvel's The Avengers and How I Met Your Mother -- Thanks Robin Sparkle! #TVMemes #MovieMemes

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Lol! I don't presume to agree with the show, but yeah, the guy on the right is totally how I am - gullible. [How I Met Your Mother]

oh my gosh!!!!! this made me laugh soooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Listen to Barney Stinson from How I met Your Mother! May all the girls know that they deserve a holy crap because they really are smokin' without makeup.

Oh dear lord only a couple of blessed souls would laugh at this... 😂 Lindsey Grande L

♥ How I met your mother. I knew that Scooter was NPH's husband but had no idea about the others!!

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I need my phone to tell me that.. but Boromir has a point.