Pretty Purple Garden Bench


Oxalis purple clover. Part-shade. Perennial? Gorgeous foliage and cute white flowers that bloom spring through early summer. If this is anything like my wood sorrel, it spreads readily, is somewhat drought tolerant, and just an easy-going, shade-loving wonder plant. (2013)

.Love the purple adirondack chair and the irises together....magnetize good fortune in Wealth gua of the yard! Pinned for Penny the purple friend

An old bed frame, remade into a cozy garden bench. The same idea could be used to upcycle a drop side crib.

painted terracotta pots

Garden mirrors...I would have never thought of this but it seems like it might make the lawn look like it goes on forever. Interesting!

paint a bench purple!

purple garden

Moss covered stone path through a beautiful canopy of roses and raised beds

These colors are perfect for the garden!

Gardens I Love!!!

'Lavender Heaven'

So pretty...

begonia against turquoise, love the colors: pretty.

purple rock cress. Low growing, easy to grow flowers in the shape of a heart.

Dancing Garden Jewels Stake

such pretty colors ****