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    The Ice Crystal Rainbow ~ Iridescent Cloud, Pacheco

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    • Gitte Daphne Lætgaard Tinning

      House, abandoned, architechture, field, clouds, blue sky, Rainbow breaking through! beautiful, breathtaking, Mother Nature, panorama, photo.

    • Doreen Thomas

      Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud) I was 18.. Lost two rolls of pictures, all old houses. the only pictures from my trip that I wanted. :) Found one house made of cardboard walls.. Still had old pics and clothes strewn about.. Straw in the walls.. :) a shack of mud and sticks really.. Stayed there for hours lol

    • Gitte Daphne Lætgaard Tinning

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud), cloud, rainbow, house, abandoned, ruin, decay, forfald, blue sky, beautiful, amazing, panorama, architechture, field, photo.

    • Debbie Tingen

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud) - Pacheco When I look at this beautiful sky, of the small worn out cabin, I wonder if the occupants were able to take pleasure in the beautiful that surrounded them.

    • Laurie Ress

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud) - Pacheco. Such beauty over something long gone.

    • Kimberly Moore

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud) This looks like a picture Morgan would take

    • Missie Harris

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow ~ Iridescent Cloud, Pacheco---I keep finding awesome pictures!

    • ♛ಌ Maria Saravia-Medina ಌ♛

      The Ice Crystal Rainbow (Iridescent Cloud) - Pacheco What beautiful colors...

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