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eyes (and more). Well this is just so handy, since heads and faces are especially confounding. Thes angles are so easy to remember. Educational Printables! More than 350 printables organized by topic.

Laughing so hard... I love to draw but hands are just so hard! <-- Exactly!

parabolic line drawing. Good sub/short plan. Day1 Draw, Day2 Color (sub plan)

agence eureka/old drawing book

Today's Drawing Class 101: Cartoons and animations || How to Draw Cartoon Faces

How to draw a face P.s. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die?

How to Draw a Building Kids Drawing Lesson.

So beautiful....must draw now

Sketch SOLD Graphite on Paper. There's something about these cropped half face close ups that I keep coming back Doc

Learn to draw proportions of the human head.  This is a good beginner portrait lesson.