Artist: Mary Qian {contemporary figurative impressionist female head art african-american black woman face portrait painting #loveart} maryqian.com

“Quvenzhané Wallis Study” - Sam Spratt {contemporary artist figurative beautiful female african-american black girl #naturalhair afro child actress portrait painting} <3 Adorable !!

Artist: Richard Schmid {figurative pretty african-american black girl painting}

"Ciprana 2" - Mark Demsteader {contemporary artist female african-american black female head woman face pastel collage portrait drawing}

"Megan" - Scott Burdick (b. 1967), oil on canvas, 2008 {contemporary figurative #impressionist artist beautiful female head woman face portrait painting #loveart} Beautiful !! <3 scottburdick.com

"Ketsia" - Daniel Sprick, oil on board, 2013 {contemporary figurative realism artist african american black woman head art #naturalhair dreads face décolletage portrait painting #loveart} <3 danielsprick.com


brandon soloff, black, red, and white chalk on toned paper

"Daydream" - Michael Malm {contemporary figurative artist cute blonde young girl with eyes closed portrait painting} #loveit

Artist: Michal Lukasiewicz, Poland {contemporary artist female head woman face portrait painting}

Contemporary Art - Michael Carson, American Artist

"Minicuadro" - David Fernandez Saez {contemporary artist female woman smile portrait painting} Giddy !!

"Evening" - Casey Baugh, realist {contemporary artist figurative realism beautiful female head brunette woman décolletage face portrait painting} ♥ Awesome !!

Paul Hedley, artist Just love the way he painted the light in this picture - stunning!

"100 Mile Smile" - Stephen Bennett, Tanzania, acrylic on canvas, 2001 {contemporary female head happiness colorful african black woman face portrait painting} <3 Joyful !!

Unknown Artist!

"Lily" - Anna Dittmann {figurative woman digital painting}

Jeremy Lipking, black PanPastel and compressed charcoal pencil on paper {figurative beautiful female head woman face portrait drawing}

Portrait of a Woman 1430~ by Robert Campin Dutch Painter (1375-1444) National Gallery (London) Amazing....1430~

"Sherry" - Daniel Sprick, oil on board, 2012 {contemporary figurative realism female head woman décolletage face portrait painting detail} <3 Tranquil !! danielsprick.com