Panda Bear Cupcakes! The head is made out of a mini cupcake set on it's side. The body is a cupcake iced and ground up oreos sprinkled on it.

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cupcake cake

Lovely Bouquet of Cupcakes


Frankie would love these :)

Beer cupcakes :)


Mint Oreo cupcakes...YUM!

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Birds Nest Cupcakes, but pink!

Boston Cream Cupcakes.. Oh.My.Dear

oreo cupcake.

Rainbow cupcakes

PANDA cupcakes! Mini cupcake laid on its side for head; Oreo-O's cereal for ears; oreo cookie halves for legs (crushed oreos top the big cupcake body)


Caramel Cappucino Cupcakes

Oreo cupcake recipe


Ladybug Cupcakes