Romanesco broccoli displays a spiral/fibonacci surface texture. Make sure to eat your fruits & fractals!

Romanesco broccoli seen as a fractal

Heaven And Earth Designs Fractal 4 - Finished Design Size 475 W by 395 H ( X H inches on fabric) (This Chart Contains 87 Colors) Copyright Heaven and Earth LLC 2015 43 pages in Regular format and 56 pages in Large format Floss Usage Chart

Fractals in the Torah / Bible    Did you know that the Hebrew scholars say that there are at least 70 layers of meaning/ interpretation to every verse in the original Hebrew Torah? They also suggest that, like Genesis 1:1, the whole of the Torah is contained (hidden) in every verse. Sounds a lot like a fractal to me—no matter how small you reduce it, it repeats itself! Mind boggling!

Nature is beauty. the-star-stuff: “ Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns “ Imaged Above: Romanesco Broccoli. This variant form of cauliflower is the ultimate fractal vegetable. Its pattern.

Tutto triste, il camaleonte si rese conto che, per conoscere il suo vero colore, doveva posarsi sul vuoto. A. Jodorowsky

A fractal lizard.love the fractals thought id try some diff animals so why not a lizard.hope ya like Fractal Lizard

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This artwork is simply a Kiwi fruit!!!

The Precision-of-Design-in-Nature . as Revealed by the KIwi-Fruit-in-Cross-section; "by dennis wojtkiewicz" Science in Everyday Life retired Junior Girl Scout badge