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  • mccelli

    晩冬の雪景色 Snow of Late Winter kimono, Symphony of Light series by Japanese textile artist Itchiku Kubota (1917-2003). A master of the Tsujigahana technique, which is an incredible form of tie-dye.

  • LHS Art & Design

    作品|株式会社一竹辻が花 Itchiku-Tsujigahana. Itchiku Kubota's amazingly beautiful kimono work. He singlehandedly revived the tradition of Tsujigahana.

  • Liz Anderson

    Image detail for -The Kimono Art of Itchiku Kubota

  • Paula Overton

    Itchiku Kubota Kimono

  • lisa mcginnis

    "Rei" Snow In Later Winter _ "Symphony of Light" by Itchiku Kubota's "Itchiku Tsujigahana"

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yeap, this #kimono or should I say wearable art is another Itchiku Kubota...

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"Landscape Kimonos by Itchiku Kubota"

Well firstly, the colours are unbelieveable. He hand painted and dip-dyed over and over again to build up harmonies of incredible subtlety and richness. He revived an ancient shibori technique called tsujigahana and developed it using modern dyes and methods. It basically involves brush painting the outline design onto the tacked together kimono and adding intricate sumi ink paintings, then stitching and binding miniscule portions of the silk

"Landscape Kimonos by Itchiku Kubota" at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, is the most stunning, amazing textile art. Mr. Kubota is (or more likely at this point in time, was) one of Japan's Living National Treasures for reviving and expanding on a particular ancient tie-dyeing technique.

Wedding kimono Woven wedding kimono (uchikake) with a spring motif of cherry blossom (sakura) branches and peonies. There are also some cranes, a traditional symbol of good fortune.