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    Maiko dressed for Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan

    Maiko in Kyoto, Japan #photography #travel #japan #people

    The nape (komata) is the part of the body considered focal in Japanese eroticism. While all the face and the remaining visible part of the neck is completely painted in white, the geisha will leave a “V” shape unpainted to enhance the sensuality of this area. For special occasions, for instance when a maiko becomes a geisha, they leave three lines forming a “W” unpainted. The naked skin shown on the nape is a veiled reference to other intimate parts men would be longing to discover.

    Tayu's hair style (Tayu is the highest title of geisha). Japan

    If you ask politely, Maiko-san and Geiko-san might pose for you, but never be insistent or rude or get in their way. When you see them, they're at work; treat them as professionals. Also, never photograph their clients.

    Maiko Miyagawa-cho at Shrine Tatsumi 京都宮川町の舞妓さん

    Japanese Traditional dress


    maiko, Kyoto Japan

    geiko Kogiku

    amazing modern geisha....

    Oiran (花魁) - Oiran were the highest class of courtesans in Edo (now known as Tokyo). An oiran was valued not only for her beauty and charm, but also her wit, knowledge, and skill in traditional Japanese arts. Their dress often consisted of layers of ornate kimono and extremely elaborate hairstyles, with one distinguishing feature being an obi tied at the front of the body rather than at the back. Though there are no longer any oiran left in Japan because of laws.

    Maiko and Geisha

    Geisha in Japan

    かつら合わせのかなすぎ美容院 The workshop of a specialist in dressing Katsura, the traditional Japanese formal wig

    becoming a geisha

    This kamuro is super adorable!- Kamuro is a maid of a courtesan

    close up/ back of a tayuu hairstyle

    Fumino makes her debut as a maiko (apprentice geisha) in the Gion Kobu district of Kyoto, Japan, photograph by Michael Chandler.

    Beautiful Geisha

    geisha jenita

    Geiko in Kyoto, Japan

    Maiko bowed

    Geiko Mamesuzu

    Pontocho’s street