Miss Keller, winner of the Grade I. E. P. Taylor at Woodbine on Sunday, relaxes in her stall with her beloved stuffed bunny rabbit.

This is adorable!

A horse his teddy bear....

this beauty was hand raised by a loving couple. I have never seen a horse sleep in such a position.Some of his foster siblings may have been dogs, perhaps

How Sweet!

Unlikely friends... this is so cute.

little buck-a-roo

All babies love bunnies!

Cat adopting bunnies :)

Sweet little friend

You do not know HUGE until you see the hooves on these bad boys! Watch out if they start kicking at their stall!!


Teaching children that it is ok to oppress and force others against their will. Horse riding is cruel. An industry which breeds and discards hundreds of millions of horses when they are no longer of any use. Horses are. Ot property. No animal is.

I lubs you! Awww shucks

Love Hearts In Nature - Possibly the sweetest horse ever! #natureheart #love

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horse love