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I love being an aunt! So true ~ I love my 4 year old niece tells me were sister. I love being her FAVORITE auntie ;)

This is so true. Thank you @Mark Neill for all if it the last 15 years. I love you!

Elaine Dalton - and PLEASE mothers, that is also the greatest thing you can do for your kids!!!! Love their father. And with sons - show them that being a man isn't a bad thing - they hear that so much on T.V. AND at home so often

We all know I have dated bad boys in my life... And now I am more than thankful for the amazing man I have found

"The three things a guy should want to change about his girl is her last name, address and her viewpoint on men" - Kid Cudi

#Truth. Let go and move on. Show them all that you can still be happy no matter how difficult your situation is. Have faith, believe and stay strong

VERY important to always take the brain with you ;-)

Find Someone Who Quotes - Will true love enter your life very soon? ...all is revealed -

"You know that it's made a big impact when even though it's been a while, you still cry talking about it." #Life #quote