Thanks, Harry Potter cast.

I love this. Emma looks so proud lol and embarrassed her idiots didn't know that

Harry Potter fact i want him to come drivimg around my neighbor hood

If cartoon characters were in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Characters Are Stunning Now (Saved The Best For Last) Oh my that is just... Creepy

I liked this and wanted to share this with you all - Imgur

Harry Potter funnies

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Neville and Lupin

Emma, Daniel & Rupert being much like their characters, naturally… {gif}

Harry Potter anime! These are amazing!!!! i love how Draco swaggers while standing immobile

Harry Potter Facts - harry-potter Photo

Harry Potter Re-imagined As Disney Characters I honestly hope this never happens

They seriously are their characters

Emma Watson seriously put her heart and soul in to her character. The others....well, they're mostly just boys.

Harry Potter by mysteriousnumb

And yet... #stillwaitingformyHogwartsletter

Dumbledore's Army @AGjojokoko9

Behind the Scenes (@MakingOfs) tweeted at 11:13 PM on Thu, Apr 17, 2014: First and last Harry Potter premier in London.

Harry potter 30 day challenge- day 7: Favorite female character- Luna Lovegood. It was hard choosing between her and Ginny, but lets just talk about how awesome Luna is for a second! She's a really loyal freind, she has more bold honesty than any other character in the series, and she was never afraid to be herself! ( plus her hair is SOOOOO pretty) :D

Omigosh best link everXD all Harry potter tumblr posts

Geeking out!!! The Charmings from Once Upon a Time dressed as the trio from Harry Potter!!!!