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I am an Artist. Geared for younger children, but with its connections to famous artists, could be used for older children. #painting #inspiration #ArtEd

I am an Artist

Book for little artists: "I am an Artist" - Meet the little boy who can’t stop creating art. “I am an artist and I can’t stop creating. EVERYTHING inspires me…”

Color and create jack-o’-lanterns with our free Halloween coloring page for kids.

Halloween Themed Free Printable Coloring Page

Whenever I introduce my kids to a new artist, I approach it like I'm introducing them to just a regular person who happened to make really cool art. There are a couple of really fun children's books written by Andy Warhol's nephew, which makes this approach especially easy.  Once my son found out that he had 25 cats all named Sam, Andy Warhol officially became the coolest guy ever! These are the books we read... we loved them all!

Warhol, Cats & Flowers

Fun and educational projects for kids to learn about art history. Art history for kids, art projects for kids, kids art history lessons, art history homeschool units.

YouTube Channel art

YouTube Art Channels for Kids

Good Videos: Mary Doodles: How to Art, Smartarthistory from Khan Academy, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Kindergarten Paul Klee cats

Kindergarten artists read the book inspired by Paul Klee called, "The Cat and the Bird." We also looked at the image.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: First grade Claude Monet lily pads with frogs

Hudsonville Art Program: Jamestown First Graders create Monet's Garden with Clay Frogs!

First grade kids read the book, Action Jackson, then create a Pollock Painting using a cool technique.

Paint Like Pollock: Art Project for Grades K-2


Alexander Calder Abstract Art

This Degas Dancer Art Lesson is inspired by Edgar Degas's ballet dancers plus Laurence Anholt's book, Degas and the Little Dancer. Using a directed.

Artsy Craftsy Mom - Top Indian hobby, art and craft blog for kids

Monet Poppies Tissue paper Monet poppies - Monet was the father of Impressionist painting. Check out our Art appreciation series - 10 Claude Monet Art Projects for Kids - impressionism, lily pond etc

Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.

Exploring Great Artists :: complete art lesson plans

art books for kids

Exploring The Great Artists - 20+ Art Books For Kids

Cezanne and the Apple Boy (Anholt's Artists): Laurence Anholt, Books, Art

Children's books about art and artists for preschoolers.

Preschool Picture Books About Art and Artists

Mini Monets and Mommies: Preschool Picture Books About Art and Artists If you could get some of these from the library, they would make great introductions to projects!

Free Grat Artist lap book and unit study

World's Greatest Artists Unit Study.If I had more time in my school day, I would consider using this as an art study.