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Charitable investment: The infinite value of the memory -- A network platform of your memories into commodities,make life fresh?better?exciting…

Bow under bun! I made a military sock bun and put a small turquoise bow under it and my Hubby LOVED HOW IT LOOKED! ;D

Jenna Hogan's life implodes at the beginning of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. "She made an awkward little jump that loosed a lock of blonde hair from whatever kept it off her neck. Pale, thin, and somewhat rumpled, she had the tense look of a dancer afraid she’d just missed her cue."

A New Take On A Ponytail!! Sleek -- Neat -- A Great Option For Updos!!

This style of tank has always been a fav. My dog recently chewed up my favorte brown one. They're so girlie!

Hair style: braid crown hidden in a blonde turn-over bun.