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I like this set up.

Clay Extruder Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

10 Simple Polymer Clay Tips (that you surely knew - but maybe not?) about Working with Polymer Clay

Very nice tutorial by christyj1977 on YouTube. She demonstrates how to use extruded polymer clay to make a filigree type pendant. I haven't seen any other tutorials similar to this. It's a very enjoyable project to do.

Spiral beads from extruder combinations. Mix of pictures and words. (Translate). Some fun ideas here. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Converting an electric toothbrush into a detail sander for polymer clay -

CarvingMetalClay, or polymer clay

Comprehensive information about baking polymer clay by The Blue Bottle Tree. this is the 3rd in a series - Look for Parts 1 & 2 as well as other great posts. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Upgrade! #Polymer #Clay #Extruder

Clay Pasta MachineClay Pasta Machine,

Low Tech Help for Weary Sanders

Shiny Glass-like urethane GREAT on polymer clay!!!

box of polymer clay colour tiles

polymer clay and wire, so pretty!

in russian, but easy peasy

No Such Thing as Scrap Clay - Tutorial

How to tumble-buff polymer beads. Need to pick up a small tumbler from the craft store or rock shop.

10 Simple Polymer Clay Tips

Starless Clay: Sutton Slice Leaf Ornament Tutorial

How To Transfer Image Without Using Any Liquid Polymer Gel.

Navigating the Choices – Translucent Polymer Clays- a discussion of the choices. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials