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How to Eat Sulfur for Mosquito Repellent

by Rebecca Walker
People are increasingly concerned about the potential negative affect of chemical mosquito repellents on the human body. In a search for non-harmful mosquito repellents numerous alternatives have been developed. There is no hard evidence to support the belief that eating sulfur will repel mosquitoes...
  • Vicki Jordanides

    How to Eat Sulfur for Mosquito Repellent - My dad used to have tablets containing sulfur and cream of tartar that tasted like lemon. He would have us chew one before we went out. It really did stop the chiggers from biting.

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DIY Bug Repellent Spray In a spray bottle, mix and shake well to blend: 2 cups witch hazel 15 drops citronella essential oil 15 drops lemongrass essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil* 5 drops peppermint essential oil*

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Mosquito Bites- This is a sure fix for mosquito bites: when you get bitten by a mosquito, treat with any (Ora) toothache gel (Oragel?) medicine! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket :)

HOME MADE MOSQUITO REPELLENT (ALSO FOR ANTS & FLEAS) Ingredients: 1/2 litre of alcohol 100 gram of whole cloves 100 ml of baby oi lor (almond, sesame, chamomile, lavender,) Preparation: Leave cloves to marinate in alcohol four days Stir every morning and evening After 4 days add the oil

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  • Holly


  • Lass Naturals

    Ayurveda products are chemical free and preservative free. There are no side effects of using Ayurveda products. We have a product Lass Natural Mosquito Repellent Combo, it’s a natural mosquito repellent spray with blend of most effective natural oils that repels and provides maximum protection from mosquitoes & other insect bites. Visit

Finally got patio furniture and now bugs are unbearable. Mosquito Repelling Plants :: Good to know!!