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How to Eat Sulfur for Mosquito Repellent - My dad used to have tablets containing sulfur and cream of tartar that tasted like lemon. He would have us chew one before we went out. It really did stop the chiggers from biting.

Rhino. I pinned this for my dad ;) when I was a kid we were driving in a drive- thru zoo and our van broke down! Daddy got out and was fixing the problem and the rhino's started walking towards us!!! All kinds of crazy thoughts were running through our minds! We all still laugh with him over this ;)

Keep Spiders Away ~ My Slice of Sunday

ticks-found one yesterday after driving the truck in tall weeds for my dad, felt gross the rest of the day

Rolie Polies in the garden? Try this! Hannah's note: My dad has tried this and it works. Above ground, it drowns snails too.

This happens every time I tell someone I'm italian!

HATE spiders. Gods creation or genetic mutation?

Valentine for Daddy

squirrel remover - Irish spring whole or grated - One person commented: We tried this last summer in our vegetable garden. After hanging a few bars around the perimeter, we didn't have another squirrel in the garden and we got to enjoy our tomatoes, not those dreadful creatures!! My husband drilled a hole in each bar and hung it on some hooks he created. Worked like a charm. I'm so trying this!

Bucket mouse trap..... OK- NOT MY USUAL PINNING I KNOW- BUT I HATE MICE : )

My dad's pest control and home inspections company! So proud of my dad <3

Uses for coffee grounds in your garden. Gets rid of Slugs ( especially on your Hostas and helps turn your Hydrangeas deep rich blue in color.) Done!

This is an organic gardening secret that everybody should know!

My sister had a rat that fell in her mouth. It was so funny and really gross. Lets just say that it wasn't that long when we got the pest control to come here.

My Husband Is a Great Dad — But It's Not Enough - http://www.babble.com/relationships/my-husband-is-a-great-dad-but-its-not-enough?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=Sendible&utm_campaign=RSS

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Squirrel slingshot #gif

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