Lanterns made from rolled-up magazine photos w/a battery-powered tealight inside. Possibly worth a try. It would depend on the type of photo. Large flowers might be really colorful and cool... or roll up art paper ... rice paper etc.

So easy and awesome! I never know what I want to use for tea lights.

sculptural paper orb lights

mason jars with battery candles and tissue paper

DIY: Constellation Jar

DIY Photo Pendant. Perfect for Mothers Day, Birthdays... Or you could put them on your bridal bouquet in honor of your family that's died. Then they could "walk you down the aisle"

village candle holders

diy clay feathers

Poppytalk: Hidden Memories

Very Cute :) Candle Light

light up houses

cut-out photographs mounted on wood

hannah nunn paper lamps (lovely, especially the butterfly)

DIY castle lights

Photo easy.

Beautiful DIY lantern

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers, keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside

DIY Paper votives!

paper house lamp - DIY idea

Light boxes