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  • Tia Rogers

    So Sweet! If my future husband does not do this he better know whats coming

  • Shari Newman

    old age is a gift

  • Christina Yates

    Old couples make me so happy. It's proof of true love and that it can last a lifetime.

  • Pat Merritt

    #monogramsvacation. Helping Hand - © ilana Peled at (via M.A.D.) This makes me think of any European location and the wonderful people there are to meet as we travel. So sweet.

  • Kopy Carano

    what true love is all about ♥ so sweet!!

  • K r i s t i n e

    I recently ran into a quote that said "A fickle heart is the only constant in this world"-- people's loves are always changeable and that is the only thing you can be sure of in life. True story... But the laws of love don't apply to *me any longer. In my humble opinion, I say SCREW THAT. Call me unrealistic, but If I were to ever love again, it will be the last time. TRUE LOVE never dies. #bringit

  • Cindy Fox

    true love romance couples forever always cute

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Avete mai provato a incontrare un compagno di classe che ricordavate bellissimo, trovarlo "diverso" e soprattutto non avere argomenti di conversazione? (Noi due come un romanzo)

Too bad there are no pictures of Ty and I like this as kids haha we wanted nothing to do with eachother!

Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be; the last of life for which the first was made. ( from the poem by Robert Browning)

never fall out of love- just fall more in love. I want a picture of each of our parents wedding to display at ours.

This is what we'll be using in LA pretty soon, since plastic bags are out. I can just see me walking into Stater Bros with this on my back!

A helping hand in Cuandixia China • photo: jackfre2 on Flickr

Hand in hand by Andy Smylie

i don't know why but i just love this photo i think its so sweet...i hope i have a good relation ship when i'm older♥

I don't know that there is anything more "pretty" that this....the love of a child and the gift of being able to love them with everything you are :)

I'm easily inspired by images of true love and hope one day, I'll be able to inspire others with mine.