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He's a lover, not a fighter

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pitbull owner

i love pits

Dog Lover

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dog lovers

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Coming home vs leaving your pit, this is so true! I feel horrible every day I have to leave my sweetheart

pitt bull

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don t bully

pit bull

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Always a Pit Bull lover

pitbulls are

tank tops

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racerback tank

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pitbullsofig brindlepitbull

Unknown Artist, American. [Woman and Dog on Beach, Far Rockaway, New York], ca. 1920. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Funds from various donors, 2000 (2000.298.3). This charming snapshot is from an album compiled by an American vaudeville team known as "Bob, Bob, and Bobby." #dogs

american woman

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metropolitan museum

bobby dogs

Very Silly Pitty!!!! :)

great danes

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What a beautiful dog...

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good boy. dog with a cute smile.

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A boy, his pedal plane, and his pit bull dog.

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Look at that Face! Awwww

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Good dog

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Vintage photos of pit bulls-amazing!

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pit bull

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My Bizzy does this!

boxer dogs

boxers dogs



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pit bull

shower time

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Snow cat

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Man and his pit bull

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Strange Facts About Cats

kitty cat

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