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Dana McGregor's pet goats Pismo and Goatee surf at San Onofre State Beach in California. McGregor started taking Pismo's mother Goatee to the beach, and it wasn't long before she was on a surfboard. When Pismo was born, McGregor put her on a board too, and she was a natural, he says.

Goatee the surfing goat isn’t the first animal to hop on a surfboard, but it is the latest to receive media attention. Two-year-old Goatee, the pet of Dana McGregor, became a local celebrity in Grover Beach, California.

An ocean sunfish (Mola mola) dwarfs a diver during a close encounter off the coast of San Diego, California, on August 1, 2012.

Wedding guests arrive for the most expensive pet wedding ever at the Jumeirah Essex House hotel for the nuptials between a rescue dog named 'Baby Hope Diamond' and a poodle named 'Chilly Pasternak' on July 12, 2012

tree climbing goats Have you ever seen tree climbing goats? Apparently goats on the trees is a common thing in Morocco. Moroccan goats unbelievably easy get on the highest tops of argan trees to reach so loved fruit similar to olives.