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Lol, the older I get, the truer this is!! :)

Relationship Tips - Do You Have Trust Issues? Most trust issues come from not…

but really.

haha most the time my mom will list all of her sisters, my sister, my brother and even my nephews now before she finally gets to my name!

bahahah always!

Hair, Y U No stay the same?!

Funny pictures about How my hair looks. Oh, and cool pics about How my hair looks. Also, How my hair looks.

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CRYING<-- WORST TASTE EVER << oh my god, even worse when they're the size of horse tablets and it's filled with fish oil!

Open says me

Open says me

True story.

Toe vs. table

Funny pictures about Toe vs. Oh, and cool pics about Toe vs. Also, Toe vs.

THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I MISS SCHOOL! My school had a flipping dance party outside when I left early for a doctors appt!

hahaha this is so true. When you go to school nothing happens you miss one day 6 fights Tupac comes back had a blackout Beyonce was there drama laugh out loud funny humor jokes and quotes lol

Playing different mobile games

Playing different mobile games

Smear on screen after playing games haha, but everyone wants to smash there phone when it comes to flappy bird