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Top 3 Ways to Prevent Hunger: According to the Word Food Programme, around 795 million people globally do not have enough food to lead active lives. Lack of nutrition leads to a number of other health problems among the world’s poor such as disease, stunted growth and even death. Here are three methods that can help prevent hunger. #Hunger #WorldHunger #Poverty #Prevention

World Food Programme’s Proactive FoodSecure Initiative: The World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest hunger-fighting agency, feeding more than 80 million people living in approximately 80 countries. A new fund aims to fight hunger while reducing disaster risk, particularly for disasters resulting from climate change. #FoodSecurity #Food #Hunger #ClimateChange

Food Insecurity Down but Still a Ways to Go "795 million people are undernourished globally, down 167 million over the last decade"

5 Reasons World Hunger Exists: Enough food is produced every year to feed each person on the planet and yet one out of every nine people in the world remain hungry. So what are the reasons world hunger exists? #Hunger #WorldHunger #Poverty #ClimateChange #GlobalConflict

22 JUN 2013 Climate Refugees Intensify Global Warming Debate People on different sides of the #globalwarming debate now must consider a new element to the discussion as countries around the world try to address the question of how to treat #climate #refugees

The Quick War on Poverty Results: n the last 20 years, governments, firms, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and leaders of industry’s efforts have helped to dramatically reduce the number of people living beneath $2 per day. Between 2001 and 2011 alone, the war on poverty resulted in reducing the percentage of the population affected from 29 percent to 15 percent.Because of this, the war on poverty results in an expanding middle class, with people living off of less than $10 a day fall