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Mexico city. Rural area. It would be really hard for me to find mt house, Native Americans and compassionate people are the real masters of earth 4 life, conquerors are just robots 4 murder and genocide, wake up world and don't support evil in any way, go vegan and self-sufficient,


La Rocinha de Rio de Janeiro, l’autre visage des favelas

Favela Rocinha

Maravilhosa Rocinha, favela, bairro, cidade dentro da cidade! Rio! Brasil, Varonil!

I have lived in Salvador for two years. It is a crazy sometimes scary place to live, but it does have its addictive fun side too.


Rio de Janeiro’s Transit Solution: Cable Cars Over the Favelas

Gondola line above the favelas of Rio - just like in America where we build an expressway to go around the inner city. Photo: André Gomes de Melo

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Guanajuato, Mexico. The last time I was here I was with my mom and brother. Such a beautiful experience. Mi Mexico Lindo.

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Favelas of Rio de Janeiro – in pictures

Credit: Peeter Viisimaa/Getty Images Santa Marta, the first Rio favela to be 'pacified' by police in 2008, was brightened u...