Large Glitter Filled Crystal Bouncing Ball. These Fun Bouncy Balls are filled with liquid and glitter making them your not so ordinary Bouncing Ball! Keep them Bouncing and watch the glitter inside sparkle. Throw the Crystal Ball in the air, catch it, and watch the glitter swirl around. When the glitter settles turn it upside down and watch the glitter fall and make a mesmerizing cloud burst effect. Approximately 2.5" wide. For ages 3 and up.

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Bunny butt! By Ele B on Flickr. I think this bunny's name is Bonnie.

12'' Crystal Clear Beach Balls

"Te alquilé un cuarto menguante de la luna y como el buen perdedor que soy, busqué en la cama las cosas que el amor no resolvía.." Ricardo Arjona

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Large Glitter and Liquid Filled Crystal Bouncing Ball: Cool Rubber Ball, Bounce

Crystal Bouncy Ball Flashing Stardust

I made this soccer bling hat for one of my fitness instructors. She was looking for a soccer hat that was unique, with a good balance of Swarovski Crystals - not too many, but enough to catch your eye. I chose to put the two smaller soccer balls give the appearance of them bouncing across the hat. I embroidered this one with the traditional black and white soccer balls with white Swarovski crystals $38.

Crystal ball (and a food scientist) says the most exciting thing in coffee's future is baked goods.

Crystal Spiral Butterflies Medium Ball. #crystal #crystals #butterflies #spiral

Glittery Hi-Bounce Ball

Atom Swirl (Colors May Vary) by Maui Toys. $9.99. Crystal Clear Ball with Paint on the inside so it never wears off.. features bright vibrant colors mixed with white creating special affect.. Filled with combination of compressed air and helium, the SkyBall can bounce as high as 75 feet!. Fun new way to play catch or hand ball.. Hyper Charged Ball that can bounce over 75 feet.. From the Manufacturer The SkyBall is softball-sized toy that bounces higher ...

Create fun bouncing balls using vibrant colors and fun shaped molds in this Magic Bouncing Balls kit. Customize your own designs inside the mold, place in water and in just minutes, you are ready for high bouncing fun! Kit includes: 20 Bags Multi Colored Crystal Powder Five Molds Instructions Ages 6+

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Free shipping Super flash hair-tail elastic ball cartoon bouncing ball colorful transparent crystal bouncing ball 2013(China (Mainland))

Possini Chrome Crystal Balls 15 3/4-Inch-H Ceiling Light

PRICE DROP Swarovski Eiffel Tower Beautiful LIMITED EDITION crystal Eiffel Tower, perfect for the Paris lover! In fact, it was actually PURCHASED in Paris, It is a amazing decorative piece, and even more beautiful if left near the sun, the light bounces off of it and creates a more beautiful effect! Please no low balling, this piece is brand new, never used, and It needs someone who will take care of it! Thanks! Swarovski Other