Large Glitter Filled Crystal Bouncing Ball. These Fun Bouncy Balls are filled with liquid and glitter making them your not so ordinary Bouncing Ball! Keep them Bouncing and watch the glitter inside sparkle. Throw the Crystal Ball in the air, catch it, and watch the glitter swirl around. When the glitter settles turn it upside down and watch the glitter fall and make a mesmerizing cloud burst effect. Approximately 2.5" wide. For ages 3 and up.

These Fun Bouncy Balls are filled with liquid and glitter making them your not so ordinary Bouncing Ball!

Homemade Bouncy Balls

make your own bouncy balls , plus 14 other Favorite Science Experiments for Kids

Make your own bouncy balls from scratch. This is a ridiculously cool science experiment!

Bouncing bubbles...bubbles that don't pop! Just like the Gymboree ones! Yay I've been looking for this recipe Great Bubble DIY for Kids – Make Bubbles that Will Bounce

Bubble bouncing...bubbles that don't pop!

Uses For Ordinary Things

The fun possibilities of this giant soccer ball are endless!

Salt dough recipe: 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup warm water, 1 cup flour. Rolled out the dough and cut the shapes. Then poked large holes for the string, baked them at 250 for around two hours (until hard all the way through), painted with acrylic paints if desired

upside down

Dresser Turned Bench. This would be fun in a guest - - #home_decor #home_ideas #design #decor #living_room #bedroom #kitchen #home_interior #bathroom

1. Buy plates from Dollar Store 2. Write things with a Sharpie 3. Bake for 30 mins in the 150 oven and it's permanent! Put a recipie, verse or song lyric on it give as gift..

Bottle Cap Candles - burn 1 to 1.5 hours, great for travel or to use when you're entertaining on the deck at night and so easy to make!

broken crayons = GREAT!!

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

super cute

These small decorative flower ottomans are the perfect accent for any feminine decor. Made of colorful plush fabric over foam. Product Size: 15.5"L. x 15.5"W. 10.5"H.

Outstanding effect on stage, or just FUN for drumming on any object such as on a book, the floor, or even your lap!

Slip 'N Slide Water Knee-Hockey Rink includes 1 Knee-Hockey Rink, 2 Knee-Hockey Sticks

Primary Color Puzzle Piece Bookshelf by KidKraft A unique place to display favorite books and toys. Decorative and functional furniture for a child's bedroom or playroom. Adds a playful touch to a classroom or daycare. Three shelves included in colors of blue, red, and green. 25 in L x 11.75 in W x 37.5 in H