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Add some nature to your walls with DIY leaf art. | 35 DIY Projects That Are Just F@*king Awesome

shoe ties


Driftwood Art

Polka dot walls! old laundry basket?

Fall on the wall leaf garland

printing with leaves

Hermione Granger

how beautiful


Pressed Leaves Between Panes -- Preserve the vibrant hues of fall foliage between two pieces of glass. First press leaves between the pages of a book. When completely dry, place a pressed leaf between two pieces of glass. (Have the pieces cut to the desired size by a local glass cutter or home improvement store.) Wrap colored linen book cloth tape around the edge to secure.

Autumn leaf tags!

Herfst / autumn #Wonderdag

LOVE THIS - A thankful tree for the month of November-each day add a leaf with something written on it that your child is thankful for!

wonderful re-use of clothes hangers from the dry cleaners

leaf art


Simple fall leaf art project for kids - these leaves have been glued onto paper & then painted on with liquid watercolours... from What Do We Do All Day (",)