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  • ♥ Nicole

    I put this under "insightful quotes" instead of my "laugh" board because the person who wrote this is using humor & sarcasm but is absolutely correct - their point is valid and i agree wholeheartedly. society needs to mind its own damn business.

  • Gio

    10 reasons to ban gay marriage (read this). haha awesome sarcasm!

  • Miko F

    "10 reasons to ban gay marriage" not something I necessarily think is funny... but more truth!!!

  • Kori-Ann Coletta

    10 reasons to ban gay marriage. READ IT. If you really want to ban gay marriage? You'll be pissed. If you want to legalize gay marriage? You'll Laugh :)

  • Kimberly Moss

    10 reasons to ban gay marriage. TOO funny. read before you get upset like i did.

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But it's still a guilty pleasure.

I lose track of how many times a day I'd like to turn to someone and say 'you can't seriously be this freaking stupid!'

If I were gay, I would definitely buy this shirt

Love is important. Love matters. If you let homosexual and bisexual and everyone else marry each other, nothing will change except there will be more happiness in the world.

so bloody true. that's why New Zealand is awesome. all my gay friends are free to marry :)

If we are at a 50% divorce rate, why is it that EVERYONE'S marriage isn't voted on? right. because that's not anyone elses business!

my husband will probably be saying this one day..literally my cause my name is in it

I'm also pinning this so everyone can clearly see that West Virginia is not colored on the bottom map, therefore you cannot marry your cousin. So stop bringing it up when I say I'm from there okay??