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Dont get to connected because it usually leads to a persons down fall think positive think before you speak and dont let little things take up so much space in your mind forgive and forget learn to be the example of a good heart aka mind of joseph

He will trust you, he will be happy to see you engaged in life, he won't hold you back for fear of losing you. He will build you up... not bring you down. He will make you a better woman. He will make you...You. And you will love him unconditionally. ♥

"... somethings r, sadly, not meant to b for some ppl..." ~js [... And tht's all the time we hve left for now, Ladies Gentlemen. Tune in nxt life for _____ join us thn, for, 'ANOTHER STAB @ IT'! Thanks for being here... 'til nxt time! So long. See u thn.]

I've been blessed with a man... 1. Who already gives me laugh lines now. 2. Who tells me he's proud of me, tells me I'm beautiful, and tells me he loves me on a daily basis. 3. Who puts my happiness a level above his. 4. Who uses positive superlatives to describe our relationship. 5. Who has always used “when” not “if” when talking about his future and how I fit in it.