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How to Make a Spray Bottle That Works in any Direction/Position

by DIY Hacks and How Tos
Spray bottles are iconic household items. Whether you are spraying cleaners on a counter top or misting water on your plants, they are quite usefu...
  • Green Peanut

    Green Home Idea: Get that frustrating last bit of liquid out of any spray bottle. Imagine how much that adds up over a year, ten years, or a lifetime!

  • Kurt

    Modify a spray bottle so it'll spray in any orientation. Great idea and so simple.

  • Land of Clean

    How to Make a Spray Bottle Work in any Position just like house cleaners in Frisco, TX.

  • Annette Collins

    Make your spray bottle work upside down by adding flexible tubing and a weight to keep the end submerged. Brilliance!

  • Helen Ward

    Adapt a spray bottle so that it works anyway up =D

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