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A Colt New Service Model 1909 Double-Action revolver found in the bullet-riddled car driven by Bonnie and Clyde on the day they died. This revolver comes with a Colt Factory letter indicating it was shipped on August 12, 1911, to the US Ordnance Department in Manila, Philippine Islands.

Bonnie Parker’s personal, concealed Colt .38 snub-nose detective special revolver, which was found post-mortem taped to her inside thigh with white medical tape. The ambush happened so fast that she did not even have a chance to retrieve it from its intimate hiding place.

Rare Panel Scene Engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolver, “The 1876 Centennial Exhibition Colt” U.S.A.

One of the 1,001 Colt Model 1878 Double-action military issue revolvers purchased hastily by the Department of Militia & Defence in Canada through the New York outfitting firm of Hartley & Graham in 1885 when the North-West Rebellion of the Métis people of the District of Saskatchewan suddenly broke out. (Reading Canadian domestic military history can make for particularly New World experience, what with names like the Battle of Duck Lake and Fort Whoop-Up!)