This kid will BLOW you away! So talented and freaking hilarious! --> When Ellen Met Elias - #YouTube

Oh my gosh I DIED. Everyone watch this. Right now. Old people are hilarious.

Laugh for 20 mins everytime I watch it

This is so funny! I love this kid!

This kid....... Oommg

Jimmy Kimmel's 'I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present' YouTube Challenge


Kai and His Girlfriend, Ellen. I'm dying. So cute and hilarious! THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH!

Adorable 4-Year-Old Kai Meets Ellen

How to wake up a kid - What a freaking cool kid! I hope my kid is half as cool as that kid

Apparently Confused - Laughed so hard, I was crying!!

Ellen's best hidden camera pranks.

Two kids arguing....SQUIRREL!!

Her Son Laughed When This Mom Said She Could Dance, Until He Saw Her Epic Moves - The Meta Picture

Having a bad day? Watch this!

Disney medley. The guy who does Ariel is hilarious. :) literally the greatest thing ever!! @Alyssa Rodriguez @Alexis Rodriguez @Cinthia Rodriguez you guys will like this, especially the last part

35 greatest moments on the Ellen Show.. I freakin love Ellen. Just laughed out loud in a classroom.

Trick Shot Titus 3 -- ft. Channing Tatum & Bradley Cooper

When people wish they had siblings… YES! XD This is so true. I am the oldest of six, with four little brothers and a baby (dunno if its a boy or girl) on the way. Its CRAZY! But siblings are a blessing

haha i'm really glad someone pinned this clip...

Get The Guy: Kids Talk Dating Problems... Oh my gosh. DYING!!!!!!!!!! Don't over think things!