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  • Jean Lee

    The Problem With Facebook. Viral Videos: A flaw that no one's talking about could kill Facebook 7 minutes With more than 500 million users, Facebook might as well be the official social network of humanity. But as successful as it is, could Facebook be doomed to fail? You have to check out this fascinating critique of the fundamental flaw in Facebook's business plan.

  • katorama

    Nobody 'Likes' Your Status Updates Any More? Blame Facebook

  • pugnae

    Veritasium, of which 118,000 people have become fans. The last time I shared a video on there, it only went in the news feeds of about 9,000 people, less than 8% of his fan base. Facebook's News Feed algorithm is designed to restrict the reach of posts that get little reaction from friends and followers, but to promote posts that get high levels of engagement. Most recently, Facebook tweaked the algorithm to bury pictures of cute cats and to surface useful news items.

  • Saskatchewan Health Quality Council

    Why Facebook Likes isn't your best metric

  • 360 Phot0, LLC

    5 Ways Small Business Can Get the Best Out of Facebook Ads -

  • J. Kelsey

    The Problem with Facebook (Advertising) via Veritasium

  • cjube.

    The Problem With Facebook #video #science #veritasium

  • Harold Navarro

    The Problem With Facebook - YouTube #facebook #socialmedia #digitalmarketing

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