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Easiest Shamrock Shake ever..."It's too good!"

St. Patrick's Day is coming so grab some minty ice cream and make these kid friendly simple Shamrock Shakes for a wee treat! Subscribe to MamaKatTV: www.yout...

How To Make Shamrock Shakes

Kids Make Bunny Dirt Cake | MamaKatTV - YouTube

Bunny Dirt Cake | #KidsInTheKitchen | MamaKatTV

This would be even better if the kids liked coconut. Pretty sure they wanted to turn the little experiment into an edible sensory table. Bunny dirt cake for ...

Last Minute Costume Idea - #YouTube

Thank God for Martha Stewart because as I was perusing Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas, I found a little something she put together that will look amaz...

Mrs Claus Covers Little Drummer Boy - #YouTube #vlogging

Mrs Claus Covers Little Drummer Boy - #YouTube #vlogging

Mrs Claus Covers Little Drummer Boy

Chocolate Apple Owls | Pintober - #YouTube

Chocolate Apple Owls | Pintober

Today's Pinterest inspired craft are Chocolate Apple Owls. The idea in my house is to take any typically healthy snack and just make it as unhealthy as possi...

▶ Halloween Time, Put Your Game Face On Parents! - YouTube

Time to get serious mom and dad, it's Halloween and time to put your game face on. We take the business of candy collecting very serious around here. Subscri...

▶ StitchFix Update - #YouTube

My Stitch Fix Update

A couple weeks ago I found a Nordstrom Rack tag on an item in my Stitch Fix box and saw that Stitch Fix was trying to sell it to me at full price. I vowed I ...

Vlogging Workshop: Stitch Fix Update « Vlogging

After receiving emails from the CEO of Stitch Fix I felt like I should provide a Stitch Fix update.

What I really think of Furby...

Furby is a popular kids toy that I just don't understand. He's loud, demanding, and has a serious creepy side! Subscribe to MamaKatTV:

Furby is Creepy

Making Mac And Cheese | Horizon Organic | MamaKatTV - YouTube

My 7 year old loves any opportunity to help me cook in the kitchen so when the opportunity to team with Horizon Organic came up I knew it was right up our al...

Beauty Giveaway! Hundreds of dollars of Beauty Products for you! to win.

MAJOR Beauty Giveaway!!!! Hundreds of dollars of Beauty Products for you! to win!!

Giveaway Rules & Details!!! Make sure to click below and follow all rules to be eligible! So, the giveaway rules are: 1.- You must subscribe to ALL of us (we...

Cadbury Stuffed Crescents | #KidsInTheKitchen | MamaKatTV - YouTube

Want a fun and delicious recipe for all your leftover caramel stuffed chocolate? Grab some refrigerated crescent roll dough and your caramel filled Cadbury e...

My Friend Marci - YouTube

I got to celebrate my friend Marci's birthday with her the other night and obviously she's a good time. Happy Birthday Marci! Subscribe to MamaKatTV:

My Friend Marci

An intro video about Mama Kat TV

An intro to my channel! Learn about what Mama Kat TV is all about, when I upload videos and how I can help YOU! Learn more about networking with the Vlogging...

About Mama Kat TV

Locks of Love or Extensions? You be the judge.

After receiving a very strange gift from my brother I just can't decide what to do with it...locks of love or extensions? Subscribe to MamaKatTV:

March Madness Basic Training

In honor of March Madness I have some basic training basketball skills to share! Subscribe to MamaKatTV: Follow along!: Facebook: w...

My Second Stitch Fix Box

Take a look at what I received in my second box with Stitch Fix! Subscribe to MamaKatTV: Follow along!: Facebook: