Seeing your friends in their class. | 33 Things Everyone Who Went To High School Will Understand. This made me laugh so hard!

Ha! So true...

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i've been laughing at this for five minutes

“I’ll skip this”, so true but what do you expect when you pay a prison warden more than a teacher…

every time.. I almost died laughing hahahahaha


all the time!

Every time.

I used to do this all the time!! Lol.

Every time.

Well unfortunately I have no classes with my best friend this year so I'm stuck being a loner. Yet again when am I not?

Brings back memories of those days in Business Law at UNCG!!! Although it was not reading out loud in class but answering the questions!! LOL Teenagers Related Posts

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

OMG! I'm dying!!!

When you are starving and food arrives #food #funny #dog #lol #win

Haha will never forget 7th grade math exam, Amery Robinson was my big crush, sitting next to me and my stomach GROWLED!

Every time!!

When Your BFF is doing a presentation in class... HAHA THIS IS AWESOME READ IT!!! | 31 Feelings All Best Friends Know Are True