Funny Baby Ecard: Oh, that's cute that you let your kid get away with everything. Won't be cute when he is 28 and still living in your basement. SO TRUE!!!!!!



Sorry that doing my best displeases you. Do tell me how I can stretch myself further to meet your impossibly high standards.

So true!!!

so true ha.


Especially when answering 911 & public safety phone calls!!!

This is me majority of the time... You would think I would just text but I like to be "old school" an actually call people from my phone.

hmmm...sounds familiar!

I was just talking about this today!!

Pretty much...

I know its tough...

10 Seconds!

Oh boy, do I wish I could send this to my co-worker!

I really appreciate the time you took today to remind me why I don't like you. Ecard