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Just select a charm, upload a photo and make that photo a long-lasting piece of jewelry you can wear for years to come. Whatever the photo is about, your wedding/your dog/your baby/your family or the words you like, you can make any picture you like into the charm. Soufeel jewelry, for every memorable day!

Work is where I bitterly contemplate all of the productive things I could be doing at home. Home is where I watch tv and get on the.

Smack your food one more time and I'm punching you straight in the face....I'm serious.

I'm so glad you told your husband how much you loved him on Facebook instead of in person. From 5 feet away.

haha this sums up being a receptionist. If I had a dollar for each time someone called saying this I wouldnt have to work ever again lmao

My biggest pet peeve on those stupid do these for your husband is don't nag well hey here's an idea... I wouldn't nag if you would just do what you are supposed to do. Lol

Everytime I get over my hate for you in work, you do something new that makes me want to push you in front of a bus. | Workplace Ecard